Why Do You Need Solar Inverter?

Many modern solar systems are designed to supply more power during the day than the home uses. This modern solar inverter is sophisticated enough to send this excess power to support power lines to local utilities that generate credit for homes.

In this way, homeowners can use this credit to help offset the power costs they need to buy back from the utility at night. You can get various types of solar panels in Sydney via energus.

Because solar inverters are connected to the home and local uses, it can guarantee that free solar power is used by the home whenever possible and that the excess power is not wasted.

Charge your battery at the optimal level

Another task that is mostly taken from this solar inverter is charging a battery that is connected to the solar power system.

Some homeowners will install a battery bank in their home which is filled with excess power generated by their system during the day which can then be used that night to reduce the amount of power they need to buy from the local utility company.

This battery can also be used to supply power to the home if the local electric utility goes out due to a storm. Most modern solar inverters can handle charging this battery and then changing its storing power for home use when needed.

Micro-Inverter Minimizes Electricity Loss

One of the latest innovations for solar inverters is the way they are installed. Older systems usually have a large single solar inverter that converts all the power provided by solar panels.

This requires a long line that runs from the panel on the roof of the house to the solar power inverter which is usually located at ground level near the electrical panel. The challenge with this design is that there is some power loss due to this long line and this can reduce system efficiency.