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Ideas For Custom Trophies

Trophies are memories that must be cherished forever. They can be given for specific services, membership favours or event favours. Trophies as prizes are very common for students, sports and office accomplishments. Academic awards are given in the form of trophies for various classes and skills. 

Sports trophies are the most popular. Games like football, tennis, cricket, basketball, and golf have coveted trophies. No one can forget the photo of the athletes crying with joy and holding their hard-earned trophy. That's why always hire a company for designing custom sports trophies.

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Trophies can differ in processing and design. Some companies offer custom trophies that are specially designed for specific events, people and events. For example, Oscars were made for Oscars.

You can choose from glass and plastic, crystal, resin, acrylic, enamel, and metals such as tin, gold or silver. The design is left to the customer's imagination. The traditional cup offers a cup-based design. Some of the rare designs include a bobblehead, resin sport, or Rolls-Royce grill.

A baseball trophy has a ball or player placing the ball entirely of metal, or a baseball player's sports jersey or a specially carved nut head. A golf trophy is in the form of a golfer walking away, or a golf ball or golf equipment. The soccer cup features a personalized engraving soccer ball or a goalkeeper or player in action.