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How Can You Live Stream Your Events On Facebook

Live streaming is one of the biggest innovations in Internet usage. In fact, today a high percentage of Internet traffic is attributed to the fact that their shows are broadcast live to the public. 

Social media sites such as Facebook Live are increasingly preferred as live broadcast platforms due to the large number of users. To get more details about live streaming on Facebook, you may visit https://livestream.sg/ .

Most of the available platforms rapidly integrate the use of various social media platforms for instant live streaming across multiple platforms. 

How Can You Live Stream Your Events On Facebook

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Requirements for live broadcasting with this service:

In addition to identifying and registering your live streaming platform / app, you must have:

  • Reliable internet connection

  • High performance computer / smartphone

  • If you use that device, a webcam or camera with a video capture device

Use facebook live stream service

1. Using a mobile device or computer with a camera, open the news feed in the Facebook app to go live. There is a "live" option that you have to tap. 

2. Facebook will request access to your camera when you first come here. You have to allow this. If live broadcasting is required, any subsequent access to the camera is automatic.

3. Choose your preferred privacy setting. You can choose to broadcast live to your friends or publicly.

4. Describe your live broadcast. Give it a fun title.

5. Select a place or activity and tick friends.

6. Before you start "Go Live", you need to set your camera to the correct orientation / view. Once you set up the camera and it starts straight away, you are ready to interact with your audience.

7. When you are finished, click Finish. 

8. Save your video for future use. Optimize and show again.