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Know About Landscape Lighting In Boston

With technologies simplifying every facet of our lives, the lighting industry has attracted a string of revolutionary lighting products to improve our experience.

The notion of outdoor lighting or what we predicted as landscape lighting has got wide popularity due to its multifaceted characteristics to cater to the needs of the commercial and residential buildings. To know about boston landscape design you can search the service providers online.

Adhering the same, among the most trendsetting products which have evolved to improve the aesthetics of your space to a wonderful extent is LED lighting.

Gone are the days when Halogen lamps were used to illuminate our offices and home while dominating the marketplace. These days, retrofitting an LED lamp on your lighting fixture will work wonders for you to improve the ambiance of your living room and deliver more value to it. Following here we want to present a comparative overview of both of these sorts of outdoor lighting options.


The abbreviation LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and the method of light emission is quite easy in these fixtures. When electricity moves through the diode, it creates light.

While being regarded as an efficient resource, these lights don't discharge excessive heat and take a low quantity of electricity. Moreover, the majority of the LED landscape lighting alternatives host around 50000 hours of service life.


Halogen lights are based on incandescent technology that, came into the picture quite a long time back. These lights are made from quartz halogen full of glass and tungsten filament. It generates heat and light when electricity moves through the filament and supplies around 2000 hours of lamp life.