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What are the Signs of Fatigue?

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Everyone in this world experiences fatigue at one time or another. Usually, this issue can be dealt with enough rest, sleep, diet, and exercise. But if ignored, fatigue can cause many health issues and even lead you to get into accidents. So, you should know all the signs of fatigue. Here are those signs:

Abdominal Pain – This is one of the earliest signs. You will feel a slight pain in your gut region that cannot be explained. Some may mistake it as an upset stomach. But medicines for this won’t work on the pain. This pain is completely related to fatigue. 

Loss of Appetite – You will experience a major change in your appetite. You won’t feel like eating as usual, and your food intake will also decrease considerably. Take this as a sign of fatigue. 

Dizziness – You will experience fits of dizziness. Dizziness affects your normal functioning and may even cause you to lose balance and hurt yourself. Do not take this symptom lightly. 

Irritability – When you're tired, even the littlest thing can irritate you. So, if you find yourself getting irritated at things that did not annoy you before, or you are losing patience more often, you need to understand the reason for your irritability. 

Anxiety – Anxiety is the feeling of nervousness and worry. You can feel anxious in certain situations or even without any reason. This can take a toll on your mental health, so don’t ignore it. 

Depression – Though is a rare symptom of fatigue, it can still happen and needs to be treated immediately. 

You can learn more about them in a fatigue risk management course, which most heavy vehicle drivers have to take.