How to Create a Professional Resume

An application for a job is accompanied by a resume. This is a document that presents all the information about your qualifications, abilities, skills, and personality traits in a proper format, such that the reader gets all the required information about you. 

The main purpose of your curriculum vitae (CV) is to answer the employer's queries related to the vacant job position. It is thus used for formal and professional communication. This makes it very important that you have a professional resume. 

Your CV or resume is your first impression on the prospective employer. It will represent your professional attitude, and not make you look very casual. You can also find various professional resume templates via

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Some resumes do not have a standard format throughout. The fonts, spacing, tabs, bullets, etc. keep varying throughout the resume. The quality of the paper on which the resume is printed also matters a lot when it comes to giving a professional look to your resume. The page borders, page background, etc. need to be thought over well before drafting a resume on it.

It is very important to give your resume a professional look. Your resume should present you in such a way that you stand out among others, and make the reader believe that it is beneficial for him/her to choose you over others. 

The resume should be divided into various sections to present all the information systematically. Never use Italics, fancy fonts, and fancy page borders in your resume, and also don’t use any color, watermark, or background color for your resume. It should be on a plain white background, and the font color should be black.