Hire Dogs For Bed Bug Problem

The bed bug diseases show no signs of slowing down any time soon. Although there are some new innovative ways to treat infestations and detection, somehow the bug still wins the war.

There is one particular innovative idea that has moved from outrageous to flow over the last several years: bed bug detection dogs. You can now hire dogs for bed bug eradication in San Jose.

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This examination technique involves use highly trained detection canines that only warn the presence of bed bugs. As a consumer, there are a few things you should know before you decide to hire a detection dog.

First of all, when at all possible try to use a third-party detection company that does not provide extermination services.

This is to avoid a conflict of interest because there are many cases where customers who fear treatment by the false alert dog. When you hire a third party they have nothing to gain if bed bugs are found or not because they get paid either way.

Next, do your research on the company you are going to hire. Check with the better business bureau and try to find a company online to see if there are any customer reviews.

Be sure to get the evidence that bed bug detection canine teams certified on or above the standard guidelines.

A bed bug detection dog trained team is by far the best method for those who suspect that they have a bed bug problem but cannot find evidence themselves.