An Introduction to Doors

What is door? How is it made? Made of what? What's this for?

A door is used to connect to areas that may be two rooms or exterior and interior of the house. It provides a pathway for travel between the two regions.  And to protect your door, you must get protective guards and overhead door track guards.

A door, in its most basic form, consists of a sort of panel of certain materials which can swing or slid open. These panels can rely on a door frame or only the supporting wall.

Door Components

a) Panel (Leaf)

The door panels or door leaf is part of the move. Usually as large as the opening and sometimes can be divided into two parts. The panel may swing right or left, or slide sideways (or even above).

b) Frame

Frame surround the panel and hold it in place. It is composed of two jambs (sides), the header (top) and sill (bottom). The door frames are usually not as pronounced and can be fused to the wall they fitted into.

c) Cut (Liner)

Decorative trim is part of a door that is used to visually merge with the frame and the wall interface together. They are mostly applied to the walls with overlapping slightly into the frame so that it appears that the frame is wider than it actually is.

d) Hinge or Rolling / Sliding Line

Swinging Door hinges are usually made of metal for reasons of power (such as sliding track) and at least 2 required for a single-panel doors.

e) Handle and Lock                    

There is no need of door handle or lock but we at least see a handle on the most. It's just easier to have a good grip when moving the panel.