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The following terms and conditions govern your use of Fishers’ website.  By using this website you are confirming your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.  Fishers may at its sole discretion amend these Terms from time to time.

Legal Disclaimer

Fishers makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information on this website (www.fisherslondon.com), or its fitness for any purpose whatsoever. In no circumstances will Fishers be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages whatsoever or howsoever arising out of the use of this website or of the information held on it.

The content and the opinions expressed on this website have been provided for information purposes only.  Nothing herein may be relied upon as proffering legal advice on any topic.

Fishers assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the content of any external sites which are linked to, or any subsequent information resulting from links to and from, this website.


Linking to www.fisherslondon.com:

You must ask permission to link directly to pages hosted on this site. Please contact the website editor (info@fishcity.co.uk) explaining how and why you wish to use the materials. Please include your name, organisation, telephone number, and email address.  You may not utilise any materials on this site without Fishers’ express written approval.

Linking by Fishers

Fishers is not responsible for the content or reliability of linked websites and listing should not be taken as an endorsement of any kind.  Fishers has no control over the availability of linked pages and gives no warranty or representation in this regard.

Equality and Diversity Policy

Fishers is committed to ensuring that not only its employees but all clients and potential clients of the firm are treated fairly and with the same attention, courtesy and respect regardless of disability, age, gender, marital or civil partnership status, race, colour, national or ethnic origin, religious belief or sexual orientation.  Fishers will not discriminate on any such grounds. 

Diversity Data

The firm collects diversity data every year as required by the SRA.  All staff are encouraged to assist in its provision.  Due to the size of the workforce, there is a significant risk that the publication of the diversity data may make individuals identifiable.  Consequently, whilst the firm will, on application, provide anonymous aggregated data in relation to its workforce it will not publish diversity data on its website.

Copyright statement

The material - including text, sound, and video - featured on this site is the copyright of Fishers unless otherwise indicated.  It may not be reproduced in any format or medium.   This applies with equal force to any copyright material reproduced by Fishers.  Fishers has as necessary obtained the authority from the third party copyright holder to use any material that appears on Fishers’ site but that authority is personal to Fishers and may not be assigned or transferred.  Save as appears below Fishers does not authorise either on its own behalf or on behalf of third party copyright holders the copying, reproduction, redistribution, downloading and transmission by any other party of material appearing on this site.  Fishers permits the downloading of material from this site for the limited purpose of your personal use only and Fishers provides you with a limited licence to re-copy or forward material from this site to individual third parties for their personal use only but provided always that in so forwarding and re-copying you expressly acknowledge that Fishers’ website is the source of the material, you provide the website address (www.fisherslondon.com) and you expressly inform the third party that these Terms & Conditions and in particular this copyright statement apply to it and are binding upon it.

Names, images, and logos

The names, images, and logos identifying Fishers Solicitors and Fishers’ information, products and services are proprietary marks of Fishers Solicitors.

If you have received written approval to link to the Fishers website you may use the Fishers Solicitors logo in conjunction with the link but not otherwise.  For the avoidance of doubt, no other use of our logos, or any third party logos, accessed via this website, is permitted in any circumstances absent the prior written approval from Fishers or from the relevant copyright owner.

Requests for permission to use our logos should be made directly to the web editor explaining how and why you wish to use our logo. Please include your name, organisation, telephone number, and email address.

Authorisation, registration and Code of Conduct

Fishers is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  The firm’s SRA number is 00076498.  Fishers carries on its business in accordance with the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct (www.sra.org.uk/code).

Fishers is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 under register entry Z821681X.

Fishers’ VAT registration number is GB 626 7438 20.

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